Month: August 2018

Cooling Demands Skyrocket

We live in a continuously warming planet. It is a reality that many aren’t so thrilled about but we have to face as it is merely the consequence of our irresponsible actions. Greenhouse gases are building up and they have nowhere to go. No wonder it gets hotter and hotter each year and with the approaching summer just around the corner, many are actually dreading what it will be like to be drenched in sweat as the heat and the humidity make its full onslaught on mankind.

Do we have a solution for it? Well, it actually is just a … read more

What’s That Smell?

A repair is inevitable once you notice unusual odors coming from your HVAC unit. The scent itself can indicate the possible problem. Suspect a gas leak once you start smelling spoiled eggs around you. Keep your hands off of your device and call an expert when it comes to gas problems. Call the gas company too to let them know of the leak at your home.

A burning smell is not good news too. Turn off your device and contact an expert as soon as you can once you smell anything burning in your system especially if the scent … read more